Welcome to Three Eleven. We are a Canadian communications firm that provides a  variety of copywriting services to organizations, businesses, financial institutions, communities and not-for-profits.

We love the power of language, but we don’t just churn out words. We believe that every brand has a tone. Before we type a single word, we learn all we can about that tone. Then we choose the right words to make it sing in every channel and for every audience you are trying to reach.

If you have established a visual brand but have never thought about how it should sound, we can help you determine that. We are tone of voice specialists with a persona-based process that uncovers what your brand sounds like. From there, we help you craft the words that will bring it all to life.

From creating fresh copy, editing and polishing your existing content or guiding your team to do it, our experienced writers can help with all of your communications. We can assist you with everything from identifying the needs and interests of your target readers to developing guidelines and communications plans that will help your team keep language consistent in every channel. We offer a full range of website services, from new copy to full rewrites or sprucing up copy on specific pages. We can write and edit all other communications, including annual reports, newsletters,emails and trade show and conference materials. Wherever words are needed for your brand communications, we can determine, craft and polish them so that they resonate with the people that matter most – your readers and your team.