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Our partnership with McMaster University

We’re happy to announce that we’ve been chosen by the country’s leading medical school, McMaster University Michael DeGroote School of Medicine, as content strategist for its upcoming website redevelopment. The project will driven by our unique Personification process to determine everything from user personas to tone and voice identification and content mapping. In addition to these foundational elements, we will define, develop and write copy to ensure rich content, successful SEO and a tailored user experience for this unique audience.

Kathy Matkin-Clapton, our Founder, “Well-written copy is like an interesting conversation. It creates connection, fosters dialogue and builds a feeling of trust. When users encounter really good, conversational copy, they’re engaged with your brand whether they realize it or not. We’re so pleased to have the opportunity to work with McMaster University’s Post Graduate Education Program, because their stakeholders share this vision. We’re excited to play a part in the development of this flagship web property and online brand venture.

Roberta Preston, Manager of McMaster’s Post Graduate Medical Education Program for the School of Medicine says, “There is great value in being able to extract our complex information and communicate it in a way that is easy for our readers to understand. Like so many university departments, we are busy with our day-to-day work. To have an external resource to work alongside us on a big project and ensure consistency is valuable. Three Eleven has the expertise to help us create a really great website that is relevant to our faculty, learners and staff.”

For further information please contact kathy@3elevencopy.com